Posted by Ted Nesse on Jul 25, 2019
At the July board meeting, our club approved support for four projects championed by other, area clubs.
At the July board meeting, our club approved support for four projects championed by other, area clubs.  In most cases, we have worked back and forth with these clubs on earlier, successful projects:
Hayward Area: -- $500 Churchill presentation to community and high school students. The drama and power of his presentation brings the horror of the Nazi movement into focus and shows what was at stake for the world if this regime marched on without resistance.
By sharing this historical drama with youth in high schools we get a chance to express the risk of accepting the gospel of intolerance. In the world today we feel this will be a very relevant and important message to youth for now and for their futures.

Lakeville - $1,000 TreeHouse Mission Trip to Benton Harbor MI-- Many of the teens come from low-socioeconomic, single parent homes, and have struggled with life challenges such as poverty, mental health issues, truancy, and violence. Serving another distressed community through a mission trip provides a safe environment for our teens to learn and develop their social and emotional skills, leadership skills and gain a sense of belonging and self-worth.
The group will drive to and from Benton Harbor, Ml in three TreeHouse 12-passenger vans. Teens will spend eight hours each day doing community service work during their time in Benton Harbor Michigan. This "work" includes the following:
• Partner with local organizations to serve the city's youngest and oldest residents
• Serve through painting, cleaning, helping with yard work and doing other simple work projects
• Tour the community and learn about the revitalization process from community leaders TreeHouse teens learn and experience a new community, culture, and gain understanding of the impact of a small service project ma community.
New Brighton Mounds View - $750 - ECHO - Two-wheel tractor
Two-wheel tractors (2VVT) are becoming increasingly common and important for small-holder farmers in developing countries implementing conservation agriculture (CA) practices. They are an effective vehicle for moving from hand-hoe farming and reliance on animal powered
tillage. This technology is not out of reach for a community to utilize each cropping season. For, example, a farmer in Tanzania will pay $13 US to have a one acre field ripped to prepare for planting. These tractors are powered by small horsepower gasoline or diesel engines. For example, the tractor proposed for ECHO is a 13 hp Honda gas powered machine. Gasoline and diesel, which is less expensive in Africa, are available and priced close to European cost per liter.

Prior Lake $1,000 Garden and Well Improvement Project Central River Region, the Gambia
In 2012 and 2014, Prior Lake Rotary club and the Rotary club of Fajara co-operated with two global grants in the Central River Region of the Gambia to brings fresh water and fenced in gardens to 13 villages. For years people in the villages were constantly ill due to contaminated open wells which turned brackish in the dry season and laden with bacteria during the rainy season. These wells and gardens have been life transforming, by bringing clean water, fresh produce, and extra income derived from selling produce into the lives of the people of the Niamina East District in Central River Region.
Due to use and environmental degradation significant maintenance is needed for project gardens and boreholes established in 2012 and 2014. New,fencing is needed, along with open wells in communities that have significant pump use. The new fencing and materials will be of higher quality than before and will last much longer than before. Angle iron will be replacing wood posts which rotted too quickly.