Posted by Wendy Heck on Oct 22, 2019
Hey Wendy! 
School is going well. I’m in an art school where I do photography, videography, and normal subjects. My classmates are very nice and I also have some Rotary exchange student friends that go to my school.
I’m picking up the language at a good pace(I think). I learn random words every day... like on my first day here, ananas(pineapple) and zonder(without). I learn grammar and the specifics of Dutch in language classes which I have at my school and at a special building in a city next to mine called Hasselt. The students at my school feel a bit uncomfortable speaking English, so I’m trying to pick up Dutch quickly.
I love my host family. We have visited many festivals together and gone mountain biking in the Ardennen, a foresty region in the south of Belgium. My parents are very nice and always want to help me out and show me around belgium.
I created a blog, but I don’t write a lot on it. I’m trying to make more entries. I’m on the train to Brussels right now (: and I don’t have my computer with me, so I don’t have the name, but I will send it later.
Overall everything is going amazing! I haven’t felt homesick yet, luckily. I just went to a very important Rotary meeting here, and I exchanged the fannion that you gave me with my host club. I got their club flag and on the back it has all of the signatures of the club’s rotarians, and my district president because he happened to be visiting my club that night. It’s very cool! 
Thank the club again for this  amazing opportunity. I’m so happy here and I think I have already grown a lot in my independence and maturity.