Posted by Ted Nesse on Jan 04, 2018
At today's club board meeting, a grant supporting a sister club in Brazil to equip a surgery suite in their area was approved.
A sister club in Brazil was organizing a grant to equip a surgery suite focused on medical care for seniors, but needed additional international participation to work within the guidelines that Rotary International maintains to ensure the integrity of our international grants process.  Our club pledged $1000 to the effort, with outstanding results.  Our money is matched 2x at one level, 2x at another level and 10% at another so our donation to the project was received as $5,500.  It's amazing to be part of an organization that can marshal such resources on a global basis to address real needs for real global neighbors.   Given good participation by other area clubs, it appears the project in Brazil will be  successfully funded.  And given the excellent Rotary International grants process, the project success is also assured.