Posted by Ted Nesse on Aug 04, 2018
Youth Connections Drop-In Center located at St. Paul's (in partnership with St. Croix Family Resource Center)  will open September 13.  Volunteers are needed for this valuable community resource.
Jeanne Matlock gave us an update on the St. Croix Family Resource Center which has been  studying the problem of homeless youth in the Valley.  Joan Countryman, who is very well qualified, will be coordinating the new Youth Connections program.  A partnership between St. Paul Lutheran Church and St. Croix Family Resource Center has resulted in the establishment of a Youth Connections Drop-In Center located at St. Paul's.  The goal is to open in September and volunteers are needed.  If you feel drawn to this worthy endeavor: training will be August 6th and 8th from 6-9pm and August 27th and 28th from 6-9pm.  To register, contact Joan Countryman (email link) at 612-475-4055 and please let Jeanne Matlock know if you are planning to participate.   Additionally there will be an Open House for the new Drop-In center on September 6th at 2:30pm with a tour at 3:00pm.  The center will be open for youth the following Thursday , September 13th.