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Our Vision: Stillwater Sunrise Rotary will set the standard for service in the St. Croix Valley.
Our Mission: Stillwater Sunrise Rotary is a diverse group of leaders committed to making our local and global communities a better place to live.
If you want to work with others to make positive changes in your community and the world, please join us!
Club News
The pollinator garden our club maintains in Ramsey Grove park is looking great after this week's rain. It's lush and green, and a new crop of mid-summer blooms is starting. The original design of the garden has plantings that bloom at different times of the season, so that something is in  bloom all summer long. We installed a small, sturdy sign today so that the community can know how the garden is maintained. Wendy and Ted can attest that the limestone rubble that starts 6" down provides a good workout for a digging project. More pictures are available here: 20210629PollinatorGardenSign 
We've provided a publicity checklist for club leaders to use when they're starting a new program, initiative or event. This checklist allows a leader or a team to plan for publicity for their activity, and directs them to our web pages where social media posts can be requested, and to where budget for publicity efforts can be requested.  Check it out on our Public Image page under "download files".
We've had some early success with our social medial work to promote our new Bridge the Valley - Bike Rally. The most traffic on our website has been hundreds of recent visits to our Bridge the Valley home page, and to our Bridge the Valley routes page. Congratulations to our Visibility Team, and to our social media consultant, for projecting this great new event to people in our community. You can see our web statistics on our Public Image dashboard.
Our club is looking forward to our first option for an in-person meeting in over a year! On June 1, our meeting will be "hybrid", where some members will meet in person at the Lowell Inn, and others can connect in with Zoom teleconferencing. Our setup at the Lowell will allow for distancing, and we won't do breakfast, but it promises to be a rewarding milestone of recovery just the same.
Our Zoom hosts team has been busy in the meantime, and has developed procedures and acquired equipment to support the hybrid Zoom meeting. Thanks to our district staff's quick support with equipment purchases, we have the equipment and process ready for small meetings (20 or less) and large meetings as well. Why not visit us on June 1 (in person, or on Zoom) and see how it goes? Just click on "Contact Us" to make arrangements.
Mary hosted 15 members of our club around her backyard fire pit on Loon Lake, and it was a great time! Members and their guests brought their own snacks, drinks and chairs, and we enjoyed warm conversation in some of the first mild weather this spring. A highlight of the event was s'mores that Jon and Jack toasted for everyone. We all went home wearing smiles, and a bit of marshmallow. Some pictures are available at this link.
Stillwater Sunrise Rotary had a very active Earth day 2021. A group led by Tim Troonian installed a wood border at the Ramsey Grove Pollinator Garden. Tim displayed his excellent skills as foreman first by arranging beautiful weather for the work, and then by keeping everyone organized so the project was accomplished quickly. Helpers included Nancy, Roger, Ed, Brent, Del and myself.  Jon photographed our efforts - you can see the pictures by clicking here.  Stop by to see the garden, and/or join us on May 1st for weeding. Later in the day Lenny led a group of 19 Rotarians and friends on a walk to Lumber  Jack Landing. We met at the gazebo in downtown Stillwater where Lenny shared   information on the history of stillwater and the new park. The group then walked down to the area where we got to see the existing house, old trout pond and had a nice stroll through the woods along the Saint Croix River. Once again we had lovely weather. Thanks to Lenny for organizing this great event. We have some fun pictures of the event that you can see by clicking here.
Today a group of 22 consisting of club members, friends and family completed our spring cleanup on Stonebridge and Norell, north of Stillwater. We've kept this 2.5 mile stretch of road clean for 30 years now, since 1981. Our adopted highway includes Stonebridge Trail (along the golf course), then past Stillwater Township hall and north on Norell Avenue North to near Myeron. Today, it only rained for 15 minutes, then it turned into snow! But this cheerful, enthusiastic and well-organized group had it done in about an hour. Apparently, it's not the weather, but what you're doing and who you're doing it with, that makes for a good time.
Our Stillwater Sunrise Rotary team volunteered on April 17 at Respectacle in Hudson. Jennifer Cherry, her daughter Alia, Jim Meier, Greg Otsuka, his daughter Mia, and Jon Stillman categorized, described, and photographed over 400 pairs of glasses that are now ready to be sent to people who need them. People who need glasses can enter their prescription, find good matches, and select a pair for only a $5 shipping charge. This is a perfect volunteer event that is enjoyable for all ages. Stay tuned for more opportunities to volunteer at this great organization. 
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Welcome to Stillwater Sunrise Rotary!
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Visitors are always welcome - click "contact us" to make arrangements. Meetings are online and in-person this summer.
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