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Program Ideas & Potential Speakers

Potential Speakers List

If you are interested in speaking at our club or have an interesting program idea, please send us an email.  We will forward the information to our Club Program Chair, as well as consider posting the message on this page for members to view.

Fair and Balanced

Please note that our club has a long standing policy regarding political candidates as speakers:
"During election season, elected officials or announced candidates may not speak to the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club after June 1 in the year they are up for election."
This preserves the club's "fair and balanced" status amongst our members.  Thank you for understanding.

Rotary's Areas of Focus

Rotary support grants and other activities based on six areas of focus:

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Education and Literacy
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Maternal & Child health
  • Economic Development
  • Disease Prevention & Treatment

We strive to present programs that identify with at least one of these areas of focus.

Link to the District's Speaker's Bureau

The District Office receives many offers of programs for clubs’ consideration. They have set up a Speaker’s Bureau online to help you find programs, and they add new programs quite often. Date added is far right hand column. You will need the account name (future) and password (yourhands) to access this list.

Wanny Huynh: HOPE

Posted 5/15/2017

Wanny Huynh (Win) is the Author of HOPE and is interested in speaking to our club. His bio can be found at You can look at Wanny and have sympathy for all the years of life struggles he’s been through, or you can acknowledge his strength, admiration, and passion for life to not let anything hold him down. Wanny holds a true and inspiring story that needs be shared with the world.

Wanny Huynh

Negro League Baseball Historian

Posted 12/4/2016

I'm a Negro League baseball historian, have written several books, many articles and have made a few hundred public speeches over the years.  Would enjoy speaking to your club. Email me with any questions.

Kyle P. McNary

I'm Alive Courage, Hope, and a Miracle

Posted 8/23/2016

My name is Duke Pieper and I am the author of my book "I'm Alive Courage, Hope, and a Miracle." My book was recently published by a company by the name of Triumph Books out of Chicago. I was a hockey player myself I played at Shattuck St. Mary's and in 2008 I had a cavernous hemangioma. I came close to death multiple times. During the first surgery I actually had a 5% chance to live and on another occasion I was only hours away from dying . I also had multiple brain infections and the last one landed on my spinal cord paralyzing me from head to toe. From this point on I had to re-learn everything from walking to talking, eating to breathing. 
I believe the true reason I made it though those nine months in the hospital was to help other people! I truly believe that with the things that I had to experience and had overcome in my recovery  it all was to share my story and help other people. 
So in my book along with telling my story on how I got through everything I put 15 bullet points in the back pertaining to how I overcame those challenges and adversaries in my recovery. I made it real general though so anyone can relate to it no matter what the situation is or no matter what your trying to overcome. I have also started a Foundation "The Pieper Hope and Courage Foundation"." All the proceeds from the book go to the Foundation and the Foundation is looking to buy books for people who can not afford them or who are not in a position to buy one. My goal is then to go in to hospitals and hand my book out and talk with them about whatever it is that they are trying to overcome.
Along with book signings I also give speeches to churches, schools, service clubs and company's. I also have done events with company's sharing my story trying to assist others. I was wondering if it would be possible to speak at one of your meetings? I have done this for a number of clubs in Minnesota.
Thank you,
Duke Pieper
My cell phone number: 952-412-1140

I'm Alive Courage, Hope, and a Miracle

Posted 8/23/2016

My name is Duke Pieper and I am the author of my book "I'm Alive Courage, Hope, and a Miracle." My book was recently published by a company by the name of Triumph Books out of Chicago. I was a hockey player myself I played at Shattuck St. Mary's and in 2008 I had a cavernous hemangioma. I came close to death multiple times. During the first surgery I actually had a 5% chance to live and on another occasion I was only hours away from dying . I also had multiple brain infections and the last one landed on my spinal cord paralyzing me from head to toe. From this point on I had to re-learn everything from walking to talking, eating to breathing. 
I believe the true reason I made it though those nine months in the hospital was to help other people! I truly believe that with the things that I had to experience and had overcome in my recovery  it all was to share my story and help other people. 
So in my book along with telling my story on how I got through everything I put 15 bullet points in the back pertaining to how I overcame those challenges and adversaries in my recovery. I made it real general though so anyone can relate to it no matter what the situation is or no matter what your trying to overcome. I have also started a Foundation "The Pieper Hope and Courage Foundation"." All the proceeds from the book go to the Foundation and the Foundation is looking to buy books for people who can not afford them or who are not in a position to buy one. My goal is then to go in to hospitals and hand my book out and talk with them about whatever it is that they are trying to overcome.
Along with book signings I also give speeches to churches, schools, service clubs and company's. I also have done events with company's sharing my story trying to assist others. I was wondering if it would be possible to speak at one of your meetings? I have done this for a number of clubs in Minnesota.
Thank you,
Duke Pieper
My cell phone number: 952-412-1140

Americorps - Minnesota Reading Corps

Posted 6/24/2016

I am just wrapping up my first year as an Americorps Minnesota Reading Corps tutor.  I hope you will consider contacting us for a program.  There are over 1,000 volunteers in our state, in every community.  We are always recruiting and hope you will help us get the word out. Volunteers are needed all over our state.

Looking for a summer program for your meetings?  Volunteers are available to share their experiences with your membership - if you'd like to invite speakers or receive materials to post at your location, contact Gil Towers at  We are recruiting age 18 and up with a high school diploma or its equivalent. Do you know anyone 18 or over with a GED who is looking for an adventure? Check out the Americorps website! There are open positions for any interest you may have. The pay is not great, but the rewards are beyond your dreams. I have been a Minnesota Reading Tutor at Armatage Elementary school in SW Minneapolis this year, and will return next year. There are full time and part time jobs available all over the US. There are health plans included at no charge to you as well as an Education Award ($5,775) given at the end of service. You can use it towards further education, to pay off student loan debt, or even bank it for your children or grandchildren. The Americorps staff has renewed my faith in the future of our country. They are committed to making this world a better place in a kinder way than we are seeing daily in the news. Working with kids in kindergarten to grade 3 every day has been hilarious, touching, and heart wrenching. Seeing them improve their scores and for many becoming readers by the end of the year has been a joyful and rewarding experience for me. My youngest son is leaving in June for Texas where he will be part of an Americorps team. He will join the Texas Conservation Corps based out of Austin for 6 months...trail building, tree planting, removing invasive plants, and also disaster relief work. So please, feel free to pass this on to others…. mention Americorps to anyone you know who is looking for a change or time to get away from everything and think about what they want to do next. There is an adventure out there for everyone!

Nancy Dobbratz
Minnesota Reading Corps

Pivot Stillwater - Robert Molenda

Posted 5/5/2016

I would like to have the opportunity to speak at one of the upcoming meetings of the Sunrise Rotary in Stillwater.  

My name is Robert Molenda and I have lived in Stillwater and its environs since 1973.  I have always loved Stillwater, its history and its people.  

I have a project underway entitled, "Pivot Stillwater".  It is a combination of some technology and the historical John Runk Photo Collection located in the Stillwater Library, the Washington County Historical Society and the Minnesota Historical Society.

The technology comes from a "Kickstart" program headquartered at Harvard University Innovation Center in Boston.  The technology was launched in February 2016 for initial use as a Harvard Tour.  

The technology enables a tourist to use their i-Phone or i-Pad to locate a photo scene at a given location via the resident GPS function on the phone.  When you are nearby such a "Pivot Site", your i-phone can access the same location and allow a photo from some past event to appear with a finger movement.  You can also take a "Virtual Tour" of an active series of sites and view these same locations via a map, then also view the current scene or the scene from the past. Stillwater can easily be the first in the Midwest Region of the USA to use this capability and its unique historical photo collection to showcase the jewels of the St. Croix Valley and how change has brought the community from "Then to Now".  

This will be accomplished by a team of volunteers along with a great story of how "Pivot The World" itself was born. If you would like a preview, please give me a call and we can arrange a time to demonstrate what will be done in Stillwater.

Robert Molenda


Scott Welle - Motivational Speaker

Posted 4/22/2016

Scott Welle is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker and founder of Outperform The Norm, a leading program for business leaders and athletes driven to raise their game and perform at the highest level. While the rest of the competition is playing not to lose, Scott shows people how to play to win. His proprietary “Commit /Attack / Conquer” formula ensures people fall asleep at night knowing they are making the most of their precious days on this planet. For this, Fox 9 in Minneapolis-St Paul has called him a “Motivational Expert.” Scott’s eight best-selling books, articles, videos, podcasts and online programs inspire hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and serves on advisory committees of three national level organizations. He regularly speaks and consults with top performing executives, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as elite athletes, all with one common goal: to OUTPERFORM THE NORM.

Scott enjoys pushing his own physical and mental limits, completing five Ironman triathlons, 27 marathons and a 100-mile ultra-marathon run. He is very close with his brother, Jason. Together they “plod” at least one marathon together each year, laughing the whole way.


Liberty Classical Academy

Posted 4/22/2016

I am the Marketing Director at Liberty Classical Academy, a Christian, Classical, private school located in White Bear Lake. I am looking to align the headmaster, Rebekah Hagstrom, with possible speaking engagements which would hopefully support your mission at the Stillwater Rotary Club. What makes Rebekah unique and sets her apart from other school leaders is that she (along with the support of several other families) started and founded the school 13 years ago, after a long and arduous search for a school which met 2 priorities: a high academic and rigorous program, coupled with a strong Christian worldview for her 4 boys. This led her down the path to the Classical method of education, which has been established since Greco-Roman times, and was the method of education for the majority of the American public schools, before government reform.

Rebekah is extremely passionate and knowledgeable of the varied topics surrounding education today: such as Common Core, standardized testing, and safe spaces on college campuses, to name a few. In her talks, she focuses and gets to the heart of the matter, which is the desire to educate the whole child: heart, mind and soul. She is the host of Education Nation, a public radio show on KLBB AM 1220, located in Stillwater, Saturday mornings at 10:30. (Btw, the co-host of the show is Pete Hegseth, a local Stillwater dad, FOX News contributor, best-selling author and 3 time Afghani war veteran.) Tune in!

A few videos to familiarize yourself with Rebekah:
Tedx Talk in Mahtomedi on Education:
Podcasts of Education Nation radio show:
Her LinkedIn Profile:
Liberty's Introduction Video:

​Please let me know if you have any questions for me or would like more information.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.​

Susan Emison
Liberty Classical Academy
3878 Highland Avenue
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
651-772-2777 ext. 4

America's Concentration Camps

Posted 4/22/2016

A son's presentation of his parent's experiences before and after being interred in America's Concentration Camps for American citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II.

My Dad was a Rotarian and we grew up in the shadows of Rotary International's Evanston headquarters, going to Church with Herb Pigman and his family. Herb was General Secretary of Rotary at two different times.

The personal situations of both parents, their experience in the camps and how they dealt with it afterwards.

Contact Info:
John Suzukida
Member and past president of Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotary Club

Becoming George Washington

posted 11/12/15

I have a great speaking opportunity with your Rotary Club. Stephen Yoch, a local author who has recently published a historical fiction novel entitled Becoming George Washington. Steve has successfully spoken to and been well received by multiple Rotary chapters.  He would enjoy speaking to your Chapter about the young George Washington – his life as an action hero and how he went on to become our indispensible founding father.

Steve’s book has been very well received. 

Below are links to recent TV and radio appearances:

KMSP TV – The Buzz:

KYMN Radio “15 Minutes with the Author” with Teri Knight:

MidMorning WCCO TV with Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse:

More information about Steve and his book can be found at

To talk with Steve or schedule a time for him to speak to your Rotary, please call me at 612-373-8513. Thank you for your consideration.

Deb Murphy

Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped him Achieve Worldwide Fame

posted 7/20/15


My name is Terry Kerber and my co-authored book, Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped him Achieve Worldwide Fame was recently published with a foreword written by World Champion and three time winner of the Tour de France, Greg LeMond. The book also has endorsements from numerous New York Times bestselling authors including Minneapolis businessman Harvey Mackay and National Geographic fellow Dan Buettner (Blue Zones).

My 20 minute presentation has been well received at 20+ local Rotary’s and I’m wondering if you might consider me for a upcoming speaking opportunity.

The following is a synopsis of the story.

In 1901 a reporter wrote “Major Taylor was the most extraordinary, the most versatile, the most colorful, the most popular, the legend around whom more legends have gathered than any other, and whose life story most resembles a fairytale.” Taylor’s immense fame came against incredible odds. In America, he was repeated kicked out of hotels and restaurants, forced to sleep in horse stables, terrorized out of cities by threats of violence, and twice knocked unconscious. He overcame all odds and threats from his white competitors to become the 1899 World champion and 1900 American Sprint Champion. This was all the more remarkable because as a devout Christian, Taylor refused to race on Sundays. During his career he set numerous world speed records that withstood thousands of assaults spanning decades. Nearly fifty years before Jackie Robinson, his danger filled struggle for equality on American tracks eventually drove him overseas where he became the most heavily advertised man in Europe, and captured more attention than some of the world’s wealthiest citizens.

During his career, (1896-1910) it is likely Major Taylor attracted more paying fans than any athlete in any sport anywhere in the world. According to one race promoter, when Taylor raced crowds of 50,000-60,000 were commonplace. His dramatic match races with French Triple-Crown winner Edmond Jacquelin, which attracted huge crowds from nearly every nation in Europe, were widely remembered a quarter century later.

You could learn more at: Please let me know if you have interest.

Terry Kerber

phone number (obscured for posting, read letters as numbers): GIZ 8S0 O745

Bio: Terry Kerber is a lifelong resident of Excelsior MN and a partner at Retirement Advisory Investment Group in Eden Prairie. Terry and his brother Conrad spent five years piecing together the life story of one of the greatest legends America ever forgot. Their book with over 1200 sources from all over America, Europe and Australia is the most comprehensive biography ever written on this fascinating athlete who from 1896-1910 captivated the attention of millions of people all over the world.

Value-Investing Strategy

posted 6/24/15

My name is Brooke Kent, and I'm the COO for Cecropia Capital, a value-investing hedge fund and managed accounts company based in Plymouth.

We have a 20-minute educational talk that discusses the paradigms for how people view investing. We’ve given this talk for the Eden Prairie, Lakeville, Plymouth, Minneapolis Uptown, and Mound/Westonka Rotary Clubs, and they enjoyed hearing about why and how a value-investing strategy works. 

Please let me know if your Rotary club would be interested in our talk. We'd be happy to speak at your convenience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or to call me (952-249-9900).

Brooke Kent

Red Wing MN Speaker Presentation

posted 5/14/15

Hi My Name is Felix Daubige. I live in Red Wing Mn. I have met with the Red Wing MN and Wasca MN Rotary Clubs and was encouraged to speak to yours. I am working on a rebuilding a hospital in N'Zerokore, Conakry, Guinea, Africa. I am interested in meeting with your rotary club and speaking along with a short presentation at one of your meetings. I am attaching a short introduction to my foundation in Africa.  Thank you so much for your time and the opportunity to share my work and life experiences in Nzerekore, Guinea, Africa. I will look forward to possibly hearing from you. My contact phone number is (contact Ted for the number, deleted for his security. Most Sincerely, Felix

Changes in St. Paul's Home Care Industry

posted 3/25/15

My name is Sara Lien Edelman and I work with Andre Best who is the owner of St. Paul's Best Home Care.  He is also the owner of a consulting company called PCA Partners.  The provide consultation to more than 500 Personal Care Agencies in Minnesota about policy and producers governing the home care industry. 

Best would be interested in being a speaker for your rotary. He can talk about how home care is changing as well as any new ideas his company is implementing.  For example, he just released an app called the EVVS. This is for his employees to submit timesheets electronically and enable the state to be billed accurately for all services. 

Minnesota spends more than $600 million dollars per year on personal care assistant services and 10 percent is due to fraudulent billing. 

Let me know if you are interested in more information.  

Andre Best is a former Ford Motor Company production manager, turned attorney and business owner.  He runs Best Home Care and PCA Partners. He resides in St. Paul with his wife and children.  

Go to for more information.

He was featured in the Star Tribune a few months back.

Sara Lien Edelman
Lien Public Relations
Check out my blog at:

Quality vs Quantity – It’s about how you live (Allina)

As the community educator for Allina Health Hospice & Palliative Care, I spend much of my time working with families, support groups, and other organizations talking about end of life care. I have brought my presentation Quality vs Quantity – It’s about how you live, to many groups, including Rotary Clubs.

My focus is on Advanced Care Directives, Palliative Care, and Hospice. Education around these areas before a crisis occurs often allows us to make better choices for ourselves and loved ones.

I would love to present to one of your meetings if you are interested. If you are interested in learning more or would like to offer some possible dates for your group please email me at

Linda Tally RN CHPN
Community Hospice Liaison
Allina Health Hospice & Palliative Care
Mail Route 34100 1055 Westgate Dr. Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55114

Mike Otto: "Extending Trust Builds a Strong Foundation"

posted 3/25/14

Mike Otto is an active member of the Minneapolis Rotary Club 9. He serves on the Board of Directors and chairs his club’s Dictionary Project.
As the CEO of Fair & Square Remodeling, Mike led the company re-organization around a prosperity-based business model and has achieved 100% growth over the past two years.
Mike shares his stories and insights in leadership that will resonate with businesses as well as non-profit organizations.
Mike is a professional speaker and, in the spirit of fellowship, is pleased to share his expertise with fellow Rotarians at no cost.
Please review the attached speaker sheet.  If you would like to book Mike at your Rotary meeting, please contact me directly.
Jennifer Schwartz
Executive Administrative Assistant to Mike Otto
Fair and Square Remodeling

Store to Door

posted 11/12/13

Is there an aging senior in your life – a parent, a relative, a neighbor, a friend – who wants to remain as independent as possible – but in order to do that - needs some specific services?

Do you have employees who are less productive because they are caring for an aging parent?

I would like to recommend a very dynamic and timely speaker on the topic of services for seniors.  Mary Jo Schifsky is executive director of Store To Door, a nonprofit that delivers groceries to homebound seniors in the Greater Twin Cities area.  Mary Jo’s visit would be timely first because the services of Store To Door are expanding in your area. And second, we can all see that there are an increasing number of elderly adults, a decreasing number of care facility beds, increasing budget pressure on social services and a decreasing amount of familial support for aging.  Store To Door is unique; it is the only nonprofit in the state exclusively focused on grocery delivery for homebound seniors.  Grocery orders are taken by phone and shopped by volunteers, and delivery by a Store To Door staff person is done right into the kitchen so he can help put groceries away or loosen lids if needed.  Mary Jo will adhere to your 20 minute presentation time and will be happy to answer questions.

You may contact me or Mary Jo directly.

Ginger Sisco
Sisco Public Relations, Inc.

Mary Jo Schifsky, Executive Director
Store To Door
1821 University Ave. W. #112
St. Paul, MN 55104

Great River Greening Speaker

posted 8/9/13

I would also be more than happy to come and talk with your group at an upcoming meeting about Greening, and how people can get more involved through our volunteer supervisor program if you are interested.

Thanks again for your help!


Laura Durenberger-Grunow

Volunteer Manager :: Great River Greening
p. 651.665.9500 x11 | |
Follow Great River Greening on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Overcoming Adversity Speaker

posted 8/5/13

I am an up and coming speaker who is looking to continue to hone my message of overcoming adversity: working through unexpected changes. Might your club have an interest for having me speak? 

I am a Amazon Top 100 Author and am known for going from a coach potato to an Ironman Triathlete as well as going from broke to paying off $182k worth of debt and paying CASH for over $35k worth of out of pocked medical expenses primarily related to our son's lifetime medical condition. Our finance story has gained local, national, and world-wide media attention. 
My speaking page can be found at:

I look forward to connecting,
Jen McDonough

Jen visited our club on 2/25/2014 and told an inspiring story.

No Time For Poverty

posted 6/23/13

You may have heard about us through the newspaper or television.  We have been in Haiti for nine years, doing various kinds of work.  Our largest and greatest achievement is the opening of Klinik Timoun Nou Yo (Our Children’s Clinic) in November, 2012.  This 9,000 square foot pediatric clinic is located in Port Salut, a remote area in southwest Haiti.
We serve between 60 – 80 chronically and seriously ill children each day.  We offer the following services at the clinic:

  • Primary Pediatric Care
  • Pediatric Dental Care
  • Emergency Services
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Same Day Surgery (opening soon)

In addition to providing the finest in clinical treatment, our programs include: 

  • Severe Malnutrition
  • Moderate Malnutrition (in development)
  • Well Baby
  • Vaccinations
  • Lactation & Wellness Education and Support
  • Sickle Cell Anemia (in development)

We are data driven and utilize electronic medical records.  We are a registered NGO and licensed by the Haitian Government.
If you would like to learn more about us for the purpose of considering partnering with us on any of the programs listed above, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and/or your designee.
I have included our latest newsletter for your interest.
As a final note, we are a private 501c(3) foundation, operating with a Board of Directors and publish our independent annual Financial Audit.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call our office at 651-714-6346.
Very truly yours,
Michele Boston
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Sue Grundhoffer
Assistant Director
No Time For Poverty

Good Egg Project

posted 5/13/13

Britta Schnell is a speaker for the Good Egg Project. The Good Egg Project educates Americans about where eggs come from straight from the farmer.  Just 2 percent of the U.S. population lives on farms today, producing food enjoyed by the other 98 percent.  Learn how fewer farmers are able to feed more Americans. 
From the hen house to the processing plant, to the delivery truck and to your grocery store—learn all about the egg production process first-hand.  Britta will educate the group on the technology used on today’s farm, the nutritional benefits of eggs and the different types of egg production systems.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your local egg farmer and learn more about the fascinating egg production process.  You will be surprised at what goes into getting a carton of eggs to the grocery store.  
The Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club members will learn about farming and maybe even find out which came first, the chicken or the egg.  If you are interested in having Britta as a guest speaker, please let me know the dates you have available and the time of your meetings.  There is no charge for her to speak to your group.  Britta’s presentation will last 15-20 minutes with an additional 5-10 minutes for questions and answers.  I attached Britta’s bio for your review. 
General information on the Good Egg Project can be found in the attached documents and by visiting their website at .  The Good Egg Project is sponsored by the American Egg Board and the Center for Food Integrity.   Visit the Center for Food Integrity’s website at to learn more about today’s agricultural industry and farmer.

I look forward to working with your group. 
Thank you,
Laurie Fallon

6/25/13: Britta Schnell from The Good Egg Project spoke at our club on and gave an excellent presentation.

Lou Longmire

posted 3/15/13

I have learned that  'The Four Way Test'  created by Rotary's Herbert Taylor asks… Is it the truth - Is it fair to all concerned - Does it promote goodwill and better friendship - Will it be beneficial to all concerned?   By using this Four Way Test, you the Rotarian, live, work and play with an integrity that sets you apart.  I see this template working in the arena of interpersonal connections as well.

I am a speaker on human relationships.  I enjoy the interaction and interrelationships with groups like those at Rotary clubs.  I have spoken before groups from 8 to 800 people - all eager and interested in expanding the possibilities regarding human communication and deeper more meaningful relationships.  

A favorite topic is  "The 'Heart' of being human - our relationships".    To view a brief demonstration video,  just visit  and click on the Demo Video.

This engaging, interactive and life affirming presentation is a great way to kick start a meeting.  I would love to speak for your group soon.

You can contact me either at  612-965-9305 or  Looking forward to talking with you.

Lou Longmire

Lou Longmire is a Professional platform speaker.  He is inspirational, motivational and really funny.  You’ll laugh, you may even sniffle a little, after listening to him speak, when you walk out those doors...a better understanding of how to enhance your professional and personal relationships - will go with you.

MN Trucking

posted 2/13/12

I would like to recommend John Hausladen, President and CEO of the Minnesota Truckers Association (MTA) as a guest speaker for an upcoming meeting. The MTA represents more than 720 member-trucking companies and allied firms across the state.  John has been at the head of the MTA since l996.  He serves on the Minnesota Department of Transportation Freight Advisory Committee, steering committee of the Clean Air Dialogue of the Environmental Initiative, executive committee of the American Trucking Association; and he chairs the national Trucking Association Executive’s Council.

The trucking industry is an essential industry that touches every imaginable naturally- occurring and manufactured product.  Considering the total value of all freight hauled annually in Minnesota, trucks carry 84% of it.  For 68% of Minnesota communities, trucks move all their freight.

Safety is a priority.  Despite the fact that truck miles go up, vehicle accident rates steadily go down.  35% of all crashes occur in blind spots for a trucker.  John can tell you where those are just as the MTA does when it takes trucks to schools to teach students about safety.

Trucks are big users of technology from simulators to satellite tracking and communications.  The industry acts responsibly to reduce emissions, make strides in new engine technology, and improve fuel efficiency.  It supports fuel tax to keep congestion from growing and to reduce idling.
For a snapshot of the trucks with whom we share the road and the state and federal policies trucking companies care about, invite John Hausladen to speak at an upcoming meeting. Let me know when you have an available date.  Thank you for your consideration.
“John is an excellent speaker and his business acumen and knowledge of current affairs spans far beyond trucking.  John’s communication is entertaining and insightful, with meaningful messages for his respective audiences.”
- Scott Stelman, CFO, Bay & Bay Transfer

“John’s presentation to our sales and management team was a huge success.  His knowledge and passion for the trucking industry is very evident.  He is a great public speaker and we all left the presentation with in-depth knowledge of the topic.”
- Jessie Marek, Thermo King Sales & Service Inc.

Ginger Sisco
Sisco Public Relations Inc.
612-581-4272 cell

Joint Pain

Posted 12/15/12

Here is a potential meeting topic for one of your upcoming meetings.  I work with the MN office of Stryker Orthopaedics. They sponsor programs presented by local orthopedic surgeons on the management of joint pain. There is no fee to have the presentation, and the focus is on managing joint pain from the least intrusive manner (weight loss, improving diet) to surgery. The program does not discuss products at all unless there is new technology that is superior to what has been used in the past.

Many of my colleagues in other states have had these programs presented at their Rotary Clubs.  These programs have been highly informative and successful. Please let me know if you are interested.

Kind regards,
Sandy Puckett

Posted 11/27/12

As a Rotarian, I have been asked to contact you to suggest a speaker for NorthEast Residence (NER).

Each of us knows situations where someone in a family has a disability.  We in the Stillwater area, especially, are so very aware of the tremendous work of Courage St. Croix.  Fewer of us, however, know much about the residential homes and respite care facilities for families with a loved one who is disabled.  The Board and staff of Northeast Residence would like to tell you their story.

Serving the northeast quadrant of the Twin Cities, NER honors the right of all children and adults with developmental disabilities to live, work, play and make choices, thereby enriching our communities.  NER homes provide residents with many benefits of living in a community.  Residents have staff that provides the patterns of a normal life, including taking walks, attending church, sporting events, musical activities and participating in community events, all based on personal preferences and skills.

But the work of NER is largely publicly funded and publicly regulated.  And in these times of fiscal austerity, trouble lies ahead.  There is a years-long waiting list for more residential facilities, but Minnesota is not allowing any more facilities to be constructed right now, due to costs.  An added concern is that our disabled community members are living longer than ever, due to the miracle of modern medicine.  How should a “good society” treat its disabled members? 

Corrine Schmidt, Executive Director of NER or an NER Board member would be delighted to talk to your members about NER, its services and its challenges.  She can be reached at (651) 765-0217 or

Many Thanks,
Jane Stevenson
St. Croix Valley Foundation

Posted 9/27/12

My name is Nicole Hall and I am writing you today about a fabulous author and speaker that I think would be a perfect fit as a speaker for Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club.

Her name is Dara Beevas. In addition to serving as the Vice President of an award-winning publishing company, Dara is an author herself, as well as a speaker, coach, editor and blogger. During her decade-long career in publishing, Dara has helped more than 300 authors publish their books. She knows the ins and outs of taking people's passion and knowledge, and effectively sharing it with the world in the form of a book.

Dara's own book, The Indie Author Revolution, will be released this Fall. The whole process of taking her own book from idea to printing has made her even more passionate about helping others learn how they can share their own story with the world, create income and further enhance their reputations by publishing their own book.

While Dara customizes her presentations to each audience she has the following topic ideas that might be of interest to your group:

  • The Power of Purpose: How to Craft Your Message into Winning Content
  • The Indie Author Revolution: How to Self-Publish Your Book with Panache
  • Engage, Enlighten, Empower: The Foolproof Formula for Growing Your Audience and Boosting Your Sales

Each of these topics contains valuable information that Dara has gleaned over the last decade in the publishing world, but Dara has agreed to present this information free of charge to any interested groups until March 31st, as part of her book launch. (She would of course want to be able to sell her book at the event.)

If you would like to know more about Dara or her availability to speak to your group, please contact me as soon as possible, as I am in charge of managing her speaking calendar and coordinating the details of her appearances.

I am also attaching a speaker sheet that can be printed, if you like.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Nicole Hall
The Corner Office
De-stressing business owners one task at a time.

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Posted 5/29/12

ArtReach St. Croix has a number of initiatives in 2012 that will lay the groundwork for increasing arts participation in the St. Croix Valley for the years ahead. These include multidisciplinary programs that reach all over the Valley such as Valley Reads and cross-promotional events such as Take Me to the River which highlights art fairs in Hastings, Afton, Hudson, Franconia, etc. We are also working on the development and launch of an amazing web resource that will allow people to search for cultural, educational and outdoor events all over the St. Croix Valley. 

I would love the opportunity to present to the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club this spring or early summer about ArtReach St. Croix.

Heather Rutledge
ArtReach St. Croix
224 N. 4th Street Stillwater, MN 55082

Posted 3/15/12

Engineers Without Borders-USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide, focusing on issues regarding basic human needs such as clean water and appropriate sanitation. At the university chapter level, EWB offers the opportunity for students to apply their classroom knowledge through worldly, hands-on, and philanthropic projects. To hear about the UMN chapter’s recent successes, current projects, and future endeavors, contact Scott Miller If email is not the best form of contact, please contact my cell at (952) 334-2831. for further information. 

Posted 3/15/12

Common Cents (Minnesotans weigh in on taxes and spending in a non-partisan state budget workshop) brought to you by the Citizens League in partnership with the Bush Foundation.  Contact Adam Arling at the Citizens League, or 651-293-0575. All workshops are presented free of charge. Workshop hosts will have responsibility for meeting logistics and recruiting participants. The Citizens League requests that groups be a minimum of 20 people in size and of mixed backgrounds and/or ideologies.

Posted 3/15/12

Fan Freedom Project is a grassroots organization located in Minnesota, educating the public on potential electronic ticketing changes that could impact how we all purchase tickets to sporting events and concerts. Presentation is 15 minutes including an update on how this issue has moved forward in other states.

Kristen Sheehan, Fan Freedom Project, Cell: 612-325-3597, Website: 

Posted 7/28/11

Minnesota Farm Bureau and Minnesota Soybean have a great network of local farmers sharing their stories with their communities. We would love to have a farmer come in and speak to the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club and share their farming story, along with economic impact of their farms and answer any questions the group may have about farming today.

Please let me know if this is something we could get scheduled.

Tara Sammon Meyer
Associate Director Public Relations – Animal Agriculture
Minnesota Farm Bureau

Posted 6/4/11

My name is John Gross and I'm a sports photographer/editor at KSTP-TV.  I worked for NFL Films for close to 25 years and I've given speeches all over the country.  I did several games with referee Jim Tunney and he used a story I tell in speeches in his book Chicken Soup For The Sports Fan's Soul.  I've also traveled with the Dallas Cowboys during their back to back Superbowl seasons, and I've had stories on the Today Show and Good Morning America.  I'm just getting back into speaking and I'd love to get practice.  I've given a couple of Rotary speeches the past month and loved it.  I would enjoy the opportunity to speak at your club.

Thank you,
John Gross

3/6/12: John spoke at our club and gave a terrific speech.  He is very engaging and entertaining.  We highly recommend booking him!

Posted 6/3/11

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is coming to Stillwater! They’ve been around since 1956 - in fact, Stillwater had an FCA program about 30 years ago.  I'm helping the lead person, Sarah Thingvold, network and get this launched.  She's already made a lot of good contacts - so now we're trying to present to some of the prominent groups in the area. 

If you'd like to know more - please call my cell phone; 651-343-8919.  Otherwise email me at

Thank you for your consideration,
Jeff Rosell
Stillwater, MN

Posted 4/25/11

Kara VanderKamp is Executive Director of "Remember Niger Coalition" which builds elementary schools, offers children scholarships or sponsorships as well as young adults to attend teacher training colleges in Niger, Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world.  "RNC", a nonprofit NGO, partners with a small Christian denomination in Niger on this school project.

If interested in scheduling Kara as a speaker, please contact Ruth Jones, Secretary of "RNC"
Boutwells Landing
Oak Park Heights

Kara gave a great presentation on 9/8/15

posted 3/16/11

I'm a Rotary member and a former high school English teacher and boys' tennis coach here in Northfield.  Because of my long involvement with tennis in the state of MN, when I retired I decided to write a book about the sport.  It is called Tennis in the Northland: a History of Boys' High School Tennis in Minnesota (1929-2003).  The book is a comprehensive survey and includes chapters on the singles and doubles champions, Hall of Fame coaches and other prominent coaches, dark horse teams, dynasty teams such as Edina and Rochester, important tennis families such as the Wheatons, bad weather stories, and even one on girls playing on boys' teams before Title IX.  The book has been out for over two years now and I am trying to tell my story to other audiences, not just the usual tennis people.  So I have spoken to the Northfield Rotary Club and I am hoping to be invited to present at other Rotary groups such as yours.

Of interest to your members might be stories about Stillwater coach Chuck Anderson and his 1997 State championship team--in a chapter called "All in the Family."  In addition, there are a number of stories about players and coaches from area schools such as North St. Paul and Mounds View; and players from your area are mentioned if they lost to a champion in the State Tournament.

I should also mention that I just returned from viewing a pro tournament where I had the privilege of watching Eric Butorac from Rochester play doubles (see attached photo).  He and his partner Jean-Julien Rojer are currently the #4 doubles team in the world.  I could also talk about this experience--or the pro tennis scene in general--if that would be something you would be interested in.

For more information about my book, you can go to my website at  If you would like information about the speech I gave to the Northfield Rotary Club, you could contact Northfield Rotary president Chris Weber (

I expect your program schedule gets filled up pretty quickly, but I'm writing now because the boys' tennis season is coming up soon and a speech such as mine might be timely-- I would tailor the speech to your community audience, and I would also bring books along if anyone would like to buy a copy.  What I did at Northfield was to offer the book for a nominal price (say $10-20; retail price was $34.95) and then to donate $5 from any sale to your club. 

Finally, I'm making a first contact with you, the club presidents, but if you think this message should go directly to the program chairs, would you please send it on?  Thanks very much for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Holden.

Posted 3/10/11

During fall 2010, I was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to Egypt, sponsored by district 5950 (although I live in Falcon Heights). I'm hoping that I'll able to speak to your club, both about my experience and the current situation; would this be possible sometime this spring? I am currently in the U.S. and will not be going back to Egypt for spring 2011 due to the current revolution, so I'm free most days. I see that your schedule is rather booked, but if there's any day I could come in before May 8, that would be great! I'd definitely be open to any cancellations that come up.

Thank you and I hope we meet soon!
Laura Kwong

Laura visited our club on 4/12/11 and gave an excellent presentation.

Posted 2/1/11

Tony Signorelli, author and entrepreneur, speaks to small business groups around the Twin Cities on the New Rules of Self Employment. His audience is anyone in small business--whether they be a store owner, a freelancer, or a niche marketer.

Tony's Bio and Speaker information is available on our website:

I can be reached at or 888-828-3666 ext. 2.

Thank you,
Dori Haugen
Marketing Coordinator
888.828.3666 ext. 2

Posted 1/20/11

You may have read about the new Stillwater Area Foundation (SAF), which is an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation.  The Board of SAF is eager to tell their story to Rotary clubs in the greater Stillwater area, and wondered if you might have an opening in the upcoming weeks.

SAF was established about a year ago and has already made grants in the Stillwater area.  Members of the Board include:  Tom Weidner, chair; Alex Neff, Vice Chair; Peter Clements, Treasurer; and Joni Polehna, secretary.  Other members include Dr. Kevin Bjork, Curt Geisler, Becky Billingsley, Maria Reamer, Shannon Hooley Enright, and Dwight Cummins.

Please let me know when one of these Board members could come and address your club.

Many thanks,
Jane Hetland Stevenson, President

St. Croix Valley Foundation
516 Second Street, Suite 214
Hudson, WI  54016
Office:  715.386.9490, Fax:  715.386.1250

Tom Weidner, Dave Wettergren and Gretchen Stein visited our club on 5/3/11

Alecia Carter

Posted 12/22/10

As Mrs. Saint Paul International 2011, I was encouraged by my father (a dedicated member of his Florida Rotary Club) to send a request to speak at an upcoming Rotary meetings in the area. I have enjoyed reading his Rotary publications and learning about all that you do to support individuals across the world. I have included some information about my platform below. I look forward to your response.

It was the culmination of several life events that led to my passion for living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. My paternal grandparents were farmers, and many childhood trips to the farm helped to nurture my love for nature. My maternal grandparents drew their passion for the environment from their Jamaican and Panamanian heritage, and my college professors at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University  helped to reinforce the importance of environmental justice and public health.  It was not until the birth of my daughter Maylena, that I really understood the true importance of food allergies  and their impacts on health and the environment. 

When Maylena was five months old, she was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Our lives changed instantly, and the changes we made were all focused on the environment, our unifying force for our health. My message as Mrs. Saint Paul International is that through food allergy awareness and advocacy, the environment is a unifying issue for all Minnesotans.  In addition, I will educate Minnesota residents on the importance of food allergy awareness and how it impacts our public  and environmantal health and well-being.

Food Allergy Facts:

  • The prevalence of food allergy among children under the age of 18 increased 18% percent from 1997 to 2007.
  • Kids with a food allergy are two to four times more likely to have conditions such as asthma and other allergies.
  • More than 3 million people in the United States report being allergic to peanuts, tree nuts or both.
  • More than 3% of adults have one or more food allergies.
  • Fatal food anaphylaxis is most often caused by peanuts (50-62%) and tree nuts (15-30%).

References available upon request

Alecia Carter
Mrs. Saint Paul International 2011

Posted 11/11/10

I am currently a member of the Rotary Club of Minneapolis and I have had the honor to deliver a presentation called Growing Leadership to over thirty rotary clubs in the Twin Cities over the last year.  Due to the popularity of this presentation I have created a second presentation on the Principles and Practices of Servant Leadership.  This presentation examines the basic principles and practices of Servant Leadership as proposed by Robert Greenleaf and other Servant Leadership experts.

Please pass this e-mail to the current program coordinator for your club.  They can contact me at for information or to schedule either presentation for one of your club meetings.

Tom Laughlin
Caravela Inc
Cell (763) 228-1628

posted 10/28/10

My name is Kelly and I’m the Outreach Assistant for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota.  We would love to look at how the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club might get involved with Make-A-Wish and wanted to let you know that we offer free Make-A-Wish presentations.  Presentations can be provided for groups of ten or more and could include a video or stories and pictures about Minnesotan wish children.  The length of presentations can be anywhere from 10-40 minutes, depending on your needs.

If you would be interested in hosting a presentation, please contact me at this email address ( or at 612.201.4982.  To learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota, visit our website at

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

Warm wishes,
Kelly Thomas
Outreach Assistant-Volunteer
Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Minnesota
615 First Ave NE Ste 415
Minneapolis, MN 55413
612.201.4982 direct phone

posted 3/2/10

I would love to speak on the topic of Risk Management as it pertains to hiring and the costs of a bad hire.  I am a consultant at The McDowell Agency, Inc a full-service private investigation firm specializing in pre-employment/volunteer background screening.  Background screening is a simple solution that can save companies lots of time and money.  Once you hire someone, you’re practically married to them! 

For more resources in background screening follow this link:

John M.Schwietz
The McDowell Agency, Inc.
Risk Management Consultant

Office: (651) 644-3880

posted 1/26/10

I'd like to introduce myself to you.  I have been a speaker since 1993 and am offering to host a "preview" of some of our new material and programs at an upcoming club meeting. As a business owner and speaker I can help members with some of the common hurdles in this new and exciting economy.  As an author of 2 books, one on volunteerism I understand the challenges of fundraising and keeping groups on task. 
Please feel free to look at my site and call me.
The program I would propose for your group is:
What can a Rotarian learn from a former beauty queen?

A whole bunch!  Competition is tough, judges (your customers/peers) are not objective, talent matters but performance is everything, persistence pays off, failure is where the best lessons are learned and most people give up just before they win!

Please feel free to stop by for more information an video clip.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Warmest regards,

p.s. The best part is...I am local! And on a lighter note...I am a former Miss Stillwater!

Kelly Jahner-Byrne
Kelly Enterprises, L.T.D
Direct (651) 283-8333

Kelly spoke at our club on 6/22/10 and gave an energetic and informative presentation on networking and the value of your contacts.

posted 11/23/09

My name is Jennifer Olson and I am a volunteer for Best Prep. I would like to come to your club and speak on Best Prep. I can be reached at 612-387-8082 or

Below is information about Best Prep.

BestPrep was founded in 1976 after a successful three-year pilot project led by Bob Kaitz, then an economics teacher at Breck School. Founding members who provided funding and volunteers included 3M, Cargill, Ecolab, General Mills, and Peavey. These five companies recognized the importance of helping students improve their understanding of and attitude toward business as well as helping students better prepare for their futures.

More than thirty years later, BestPrep's programs have reached over one million students. Many of these students, including those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, have gone on to successful careers and lives. BestPrep's success can be credited to an entrepreneurial spirit and represents a classic example of what can be accomplished when business and education work together.

Throughout its history, BestPrep has implemented programs that address business and education related needs while making learning about economics, business and financial literacy experiential and exciting! BestPrep’s flagship program, Classroom Plus, enhances classroom curriculums through volunteer speakers and tours. In 1981, Minnesota Business Venture was introduced to provide high school students with an intensive business experience through a weeklong residential summer program. Minnesota’s Stock Market Game began in 1991 to improve the financial literacy skills of students in grades 4-12. The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association chose BestPrep to coordinate this national program based on BestPrep’s track record of commitment to improving the business and financial savvy of students. In 2004, BestPrep introduced eMentors, which matches business volunteers with students to help them gain career skills. Also in 2004 the Technology Integration Workshop was introduced. This summer seminar teaches educators the technology and workplace skills necessary to best prepare their students for the future.

posted 10/20/09

Would the club be interested in a speaker on Washington County 4-H -- It's Past & It's Future?

The Washington County comissioners voted to eliminate all county funding for 4-H last March, 2009.  As a result 4-H is redefining itself  and charting new territory.

Pam Johnson
Washington County 4-H Membership Coordinator

Dan Dolan spoke at our club on 12/15/09 and was very entertaining as he explained 4-H's current status in Washington County.

posted 7/28/09

Are you seeking a dynamic speaker for your club meeting?  I highly recommend Bloomington Rotarian Abul Sharah of International Village Clinic.  Abul was honored by District Governor Chris Holm with District 5950's highest award for International Service at this year's District 5950 Conference in Minneapolis. 
Abul founded International Village Clinic ten years ago to bring medical care to the poorest people of northeastern India.  A former engineer with Honeywell, Abul took an early retirement to start the clinic after a meeting with Mother Theresa.  Today, International Village Clinic serves 58,000 patients on a budget of just $100,000.  It has been expanded thanks to several matching grants from District 5950 and Rotary International. 
Abul is an amazing speaker, humble yet passionate about his life's work.  To find out more about International Village Clinic, see the attached news release or visit  Abul is available to speak to your club meeting until the end of September, when he goes back to work at the India clinic for six months.  To schedule Abul Sharah for your club meeting, contact him at or 952-893-9304.
Diann Kirby
Bloomington Noon Rotary Club
Assistant Governor, Area 3, District 5950

posted 5/20/09

Tod Fyten is the President & Brewmaster of St. Croix Brewing Company.  This is his 25th year in the Craft Brewing Business.  He has lots of stories about the industry and of course his brews.  Tod has participated in the Brewers Bazaar every year.

Tod Fyten
Tel: 651-387-0708

Tod spoke at our club on 5/4/10 and gave an interesting program about the history of brewing in general and specifically in the St. Croix Valley.

posted 4/21/09

Kirk Anderson is a Rotarian in the St. Croix Falls/Taylor Falls Club.  He owns a business in St. Croix Falls called Interactive Business Solutions.  Kirk would be an excellent speaker to help our club members learn about the use and benefits of new online technologies like Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterWe're never too old to learn!

Kirk Anderson
715-483-0937 office
612-598-5758 cell

Kirk spoke at our club on 6/16/09 and gave an excellent presentation about the benefits of online social networks for our club.

posted 4/6/09

The Boy Scouts of America will be celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2010.  They would like to speak to our club and tell us what they have planned for their Centennial Celebration.  Justin Williams from the Northern Star Council in St. Paul is the contact.  He can be reached via email: or by phone: 651-254-9149.

Justin spoke with our club and gave an excellent overview of the local scouting operations.

posted 1/29/09

My name is Tyler and I work for Björn Stansvik, CEO at MentorMate in St. Paul and a fellow rotarian.  MentorMate is an IT solutions company which services includes search engine optimization and custom software development for businesses.   I have been tasked with setting up a chance for Björn to speak for the Stillwater Sunrise club at the earliest convenience.  Björn has an educational presentation that helps businesses learn to optimize their web sites to promote higher visibility for search engines and increased internet traffic.  Björn has already spoken at the Eagan club and based on the warm reception, was hoping he might be able to share with the Stillwater Sunrise club as well.  At the bottom of this email you can find a link in case you would like to view more specific information on the presentation.  You can also reach me at 612-823-4000 in the office, or on my cell phone at (559) 593-0139, I would love to chat about the program with you.

Thank you much,
Tyler J. Fremming
Office: 612-823-0139
Cell: 559-593-0139

Presentation Overview:

posted 1/26/09

I’d like to recommend Charles “Chad” Weinstein, director of the Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership, a division of the James J. Hill Library in St. Paul. The center opened in 2007 and is dedicated to helping businesses prosper through a strategic commitment to ethics and social responsibility.  Business development and business ethics are not mutually exclusive. Chad’s focus is on business performance, on going beyond compliance – which is critically important – to helping organizations find ways to truly excel by doing the right thing.  His message resonates with leaders in businesses from small companies to large corporations.

Here are a couple of testimonials from those who have heard Chad speak:

“I found Chad Weinstein’s talk to be engaging and informative.  He is genuinely focused on the business performance side of ethics.  He’s a practical thinker about how to align social responsibility and business performance.”
Chuck Rauenhorst
Rauenhorst Recruiting Company

“Chad Weinstein’s very valuable message and insight was one of the program highlights of our Rotary year.  It was thoughtful, appropriate and well presented.”
Gregory D. Palmer
Vice President, Citizens Independent Bank

A description of Chad Weinstein’s presentation and background is below.   He would tailor his remarks for your Rotary audience and time frame.

Please feel free to contact me about scheduling a presentation from Chad or you may contact him directly at 651-265-5459.

Ginger Sisco
Sisco Public Relations, Inc.

Doing Good, Being Great:
Aligning Business Performance with Social Responsibility
A Presentation to Business Leaders

Charles A. Weinstein, Ph.D., Director
Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership

The business press is suddenly full of stories about “corporate social responsibility” or “corporate citizenship.”   Many business leaders find it understandably difficult to apply these concepts profitably and successfully, especially to small and growing businesses.   The keys can be found in understanding how your business relates to those it touches: customers, owners/shareholders, employees, vendors, and the communities in which you do business.   A smart, socially responsible business leader can prosper by strategically investing in these relationships.

This presentation moves beyond the buzzwords and the hype to understand the business case – and practical applications – for thinking socially and commercially at the same time.   Using real-world examples drawn from his own consulting and research, Weinstein illustrates how business leaders can achieve both measurable commercial results and measurable social benefits through appropriate strategic alignment, creative implementation, and steady, effective leadership.

The presentation requires approximately 20 minutes, followed by questions and discussion.

About the Speaker

Charles A. “Chad” Weinstein is director of the Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership, an organization dedicated to helping businesses prosper through a strategic commitment to ethics and social responsibility.   The Hill Center provides consulting services;, a unique online resource center featuring the einsight e-Quiz; and the Hill Leadership Working Group, a professional development opportunities for leaders at any level of an organization.

Prior to founding the Hill Center in the summer of 2007, Weinstein spent over 15 years as a consultant and manager, most recently as Vice President of Client Services at Guildeline, Inc.  Weinstein has served clients in a wide variety of industries, including consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, mining and mineral extraction, and high-tech manufacturing.  He has also held leadership positions in firms in the information services and industrial safety industries.  Weinstein holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in business ethics (philosophy) from the University of Minnesota, and a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin.

For more information, contact Charles Weinstein at 651-265-5459, or  Find out more about the Hill Center at

The Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership is a division of the James J. Hill Library, and is supported by fees for services, a generous grant from Halloran Philanthropies, our sponsors, and donors.